Unlock Resilient You By Discovering Your Strengths!
It's Already inside you.


Resilient You
Resilience is Not a Trait You have or Don't Have..
It can Be Learned and Developed in Anyone

It all Starts With Learning What Makes You Unique and Strong, And Unlocking the Resilience That's Already Inside You!

Watch Jen Porto Describe the resilient you program:
a 4-Week Program to Unlock Your Resilience
What is Resilience?
It's the Ability to cope with whatever life throws at you
and bounce back stronger and more steadfast than Before -
Dr. Lucinda Poole + Dr. Hugo Alberts

here's What to expect
Your Character Strengths
Discover your character strengths, essentially what makes you unique and strong. By focusing on what's right and strong about you, you can unlock your resilience now and support your long-term wellbeing. Based upon Positive Psychology and the VIA Character Strengths Survey for individuals and familes.
Your Personal 
4S Resilience Plan 
Develop your Personal 4S Resilience Plan. Using the Positive Psychology Toolkit and powerful 4S's framework, you will create a simple 4-step plan to help you live resilient now and into the future.
Your Body's Resilience 
FUEL your body's natural resilience and immunity by following the Functional Nutrition principles of eating, drinking and supplementing daily.  Enjoy access to some key video modules, tools and coaching from the Energy Boss FUEL 101 program.
Weekly Coaching Sessions
Join weekly coaching sessions with Jen Porto online via Zoom. Each 1-hour session covers specific topics
and exercises to support resilience learning and personal growth. Schedule private sessions, family sessions or join as a larger group, it's your choice.
Online With Videos, Tools and Resources 
Engage online with program videos, tools and resources via industry-leading Teachable platform. Easily accessible from any computer, tablet or mobile device. Lifetime access with added bonus materials and discounts. 
What's Next For
Your Self-Care  
Decide what's next for your self-care and resilient living practice. Using your Personal 4S Resilience Plan and Institute For Functional Medicine questionnaire, evaluate where you are, what you need and what's your next step in staying and living well. 
Get Jen Porto's MINDSET Videos
 Set Your MIND and Everything Else Will Follow - No Matter What
Your Mind and Body Work As One
What Clients Say
Jen asked me during a coaching session what I thought about discovering my strengths and developing a new resilient mindset and plan. The only word that I could think of was - enlightening! It's like walking out of the dark and finally seeing myself and what's possible in a new light. I'm thinking about hard things differently and actually doing hard things that I didn't want to try before. I feel happier and stronger!
- Barbara H, CA
My wife asked me to do the Resilient You program with her. I have to admit, I didn't want to at first. But she convinced me and I'm glad that she did. After years of marriage and running a business, I was surprised that I learned new things about myself and my wife. We now have a common language to understand and appreciate each other, we hold each other accountable to our Personal 4S Resilience Plans and we are eating healthier together. We feel stronger as a couple. So if you're a guy, I'd say go for it. You will make her and yourself happier.
 - Steve G , IL
Looking at myself through my strengths and what's right about me has turned my world right side up. I'm finally connecting the dots, seeing why I've had an easy time doing some things while struggling with others for years. I'm realizing that I can learn to use my strengths to work through hard things without feeling the weight of judgement and regret that usually comes with trying to change. I'm freer and more confident.  I'm going to ask the rest of the family to do the program. I want to support each other's strengths and learn to eat healthier as a family.  I think this will jump start all of us. 
- Karen B, MO
Unlock Resilient You By Discovering Your Strengths!
it's already inside you.
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